Helping others.

Helping others.
When you get up in the morning how do we feel? tired? happy? warm?
A big part of routine is Breakfast, toast, cereal, fruit the choice is endless really.
So how would you feel if waking up with an empty tummy was a usual part of the day… unfortunately for some this is the case.
This is why here at Kids Around the Clock whether it is our Chadderton setting or our Wythenshawe centres we will do our utmost best to support families in need.
Circumstances can change at the “Drop of a hat”, and a little help is sometimes all families need until the situation is sorted- this maybe a temporary basis to which such place as “Because we care food banks” based in Oldham, Rochdale and Stockport are an amazing charity. We collect donations such as tinned food, dry food packets and cereals to which are then parcelled up and given to those in need.
Our most recent collection was collected by Michelle who runs the Oldham strand, we took this time to ask about the impact she found the collections had, Michelle told us families can rely heavily on food banks and especially at certain times of year, school holidays, festivals and celebration are a hard time especially if the family are in need of financial support. The collection from our Chadderton setting will be used to support families in need during the half term holidays.
In times of hardship, there are people around to help and support our families, lets continue to be part of this.
Enjoy being in a place to help, Believe you can be the help someone needs whether this is by donating a tin or sign posting to benefit advise, but most of all Achieve the outcome together.
Family is the most important thing.

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