Learning and creating

Learning and creating


Each child is unique and all learn differently, play is a major part of our day.

Here at Kids around the clock we display children’s learning through displays around the room. Every creation is special to every child and equally as special us. From a dot on a piece of paper that is a dinosaur in a jungle from the child’s imagination to a child that makes a birthday cake out of playdough. We know that every creation is a wonderful masterpiece and we display them in the settings for everyone to see using their actual work and photographs of their masterpieces.

Kids around the clock will of course let parents/carers and onlookers know what the child has created, as it may just look like a dot on a piece of paper to them. We do this by having a description on our displays and creating a heading so you know exactly what picture you are looking at is.

The description of the activity or display will be linked to the Early Years Foundation Stages (eyfs), this is how we track your child’s learning and progress throughout their time with us. And we also link the work they do to the characteristics of effective learning, which is a children’s individual way of learning, when we do an activity. We do this because we believe and know it is important to see what areas children are excelling in and what areas they need that little extra support, everyone is unique.

Recently we have just created a new description template for you all to see, it will tell you all about the display and what areas the children have learnt in using the EYFS. Children learn differently and that is why it is important to have a range of different activities and displays in each room and a place for your child’s art to be proudly displayed so we and they can see their ownachievements.

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