Terms & Conditions

It is essential attendance levels are satisfactory to ensure your child has access to the very best learning opportunities, experiences and activities. If you are aware of any appointments or holidays please do let the administrator know so we can log this.

Also if your child is unfortunately ill please contact the nursery ideally by telephone on the day of absence along with how long you expect your child to be off for. If for any reason you are unable to telephone you can email the office to explain the absence.

All policies and Procedures can be viewed on our website.

If your child suffers from a bout of sickness or/and diarrhoea, they will be unable to attend the setting for 24 hours after the last episode.

Kids Around the Clock Ltd will only administer medication prescribed by a medical practitioner for the child’s current illness.

Kids Around the Clock Ltd have a strict confidentiality policy and adhere to Manchester City Councils/Oldham Councils Safeguarding Guidelines to protect your children from harm.

If payments are worked out on a pro rata basis, we will work out your weekly payment and spread them out over 52 weeks a year, if you decide to change your hours in-between this time, we will work out what should have been paid, what has been paid and what if anything is outstanding, please be aware that when you change hours you may incur additional charges to bring your payments up to date. This also applies to the 1 months’ notice to terminate your Childcare Contract.

  • All admin fee’s are non refundable
  • All fees are payable in advance before the start of your child’s session.
  • Fees are payable 52 weeks a year, regardless of absences, cancellations, holidays, public holidays or closures.
  • Fees are payable via Bank Transfer, Standing Orders or Childcare Vouchers.
  • Late Payments and Pick-ups will incur an additional charge.
  • A months’ notice is required in writing if you wish to cancel your child’s place or change their hours.
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