Terms & Conditions

  • Kids Around the Clock require an administration fee when registering your child, this is a one-off payment that secures your child’s place for 12 months and covers the cost of the registration process, please be advised that this is not refundable.
  • Childcare fees are payable in advance, either before or at the start of your child’s sessions. Fees are payable via Direct Debit on either a weekly or monthly basis; invoicing is sent out on the 25th of each month.
    1. Monthly direct debit payments are requested to be taken on the date agreed upon registration
    2. Weekly payments are requested on a Friday for the following week.
    3. Term time only clients are requested to pay on a per calendar monthly basis for 11 months (September to July).
    4. Free entitlement lunch money is required on a monthly basis via direct debit payments.
  • Late payments will incur a penalty of £10.00 per child, per week, until the account is brought up to date. Failed direct debits will incur a £10.00 charge each time it fails.
  • Late pick-ups will incur a penalty charge of £10.00 per hour.
  • A calendar months’ notice is required in writing to make any changes to your childcare contract or to terminate, this can be done via email to accounts@kidsaroundtheclock.co.uk
  • Upon termination or change of hours, if your price is worked out on a pro rata basis, we will work out what childcare you have. Used, what you have. Paid up to date and what you owe. This will be added to your final bill for the following month.
  • Fees will still apply on bank holidays, training days, closure, child sickness and unforeseen closures.
    1. KATC follows all governments guidelines. If we are asked to follow forced closure, we will ask for a retainer fee until full service is implemented.
  • Safeguarding – Kids Around the Clock follow strict procedures to keep children safe, this also means that if we suspect a child is at risk of harm, we will alert the relevant authority, this is usually done so with parents/carers permission unless the child is in immediate danger.
  • Attendance – We ask that you inform reception, or via your Famly app, if your child is going to be absent. This is also for safeguarding purposes. Please be aware that childcare fees are still payable if:
    1. Your child is poorly.
    2. You go on holiday
    3. You do not attend

It is not possible to swap days or change hours without first giving a calendar months’ notice. However, under the discretion of the manager, an emergency extra session can be booked without notice, if the nursery has space and payment has been made at the time of booking.

  • Medication – It is the policy of Kids Around the Clock to not administer medication that has not been prescribed by a GP, it is for the safety of your children and to safeguard staff members, staff are first aided but this does not equip staff to make a decision that children need medication, such as Calpol. If your child has not been seen by a medical professional, we are not able to administer shop bought medication, medication that has been given for a previous condition will also not be administered.

We will accept medication for a child who has seen a GP and has a medical reason for the medication, long term medication can also be given with clear guidance from a GP.
If you feel that your child is unwell and that you may need medication frequently, you should keep your child at home for the period of seek medical attention, as we do not hold medication on the premises.

  • All policies and procedures are available in reception.
  • Collection – a password is required to collect children from nursery, if you are unable to collect your child and send someone in your place, please make sure that you contact the setting to make us aware, give them the password, make sure that they are 16 or over.

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