Understanding how to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in an early years setting.

Understanding how to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in an early years setting.

By Elizabeth Cummings



At Kids Around the Clock, we provide high quality childcare in Wythenshawe and Chadderton, we reflect on our practice constantly to make sure that we are providing an outstanding service in a way that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.

We start with our Family Ethos and our Family tree, as a family run business the owners/directors are the roots of the tree, they are the trunk, the foundations that hold the business together and do the work under the surface that is paramount but is not seen, then the staff are the leaves and the branches that help to feed the tree, without the branches the tree is not a tree, it shows that all staff have an equal part to play in providing a quality service of care and education within our settings.

We offer staff benefits, this is to show staff that they are valued and appreciated by the directors and that all the hard work they put in is not gone unnoticed. We have regular supervisions and appraisals, along with teaching and learning with the staff to enhance CPD (continuous professional development, kATC also make sure that we have an open door policy with our management, this means that whether it be staff, parents or children, the manager is always available to consult when needed.

Children at KATC are valued by offering them their chance to voice their opinions on things like room development, planning activities and resources, we listen to the children in regard to menus and make sure that the children are involved when creating new plans. KATC also make sure that British values runs throughout each room, that children are taught to be kind to others, to respect each other’s views and opinions, to be respectful of each other’s cultures and believes and always be mindful of each others feelings, these values underpin all practice at KATC.

Activities are planned for each individual child, following their own interest and abilities, they are supported as individuals, we look at each child’s characteristic of effective learning, how they learn best, whether they are active learners that prefer to do, they may be critical thinkers who will prefer to watch before they join in, all children will have their own way of learning and it is the job of the key person to0 work this out and plan accordingly and liaise with parents/carers.

Culture is important and KATC make sure that we know each child’s culture but asking questions on our baseline assessment and completing a care plan with parents, we make sure that home language is incorporated into the everyday running, whether that be in signs, verbal speech or symbols, we use packaging from around the world and incorporate different foods and spices into the home corner for children to explore.

By following the parents wishes that are completed on the care plan, and consulting with parents/carers on a regular basis we make sure that we provide a service that is equal, diverse and inclusive of all.


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