10 ways to keep your child cool this summer

The summer has finally arrived. It’s a season full of fun and outdoor activities for the whole family. 

Children love the long days and being able to play in the garden more. But it can also result in tiredness and grumpy moods if the sun and heat become too much for your child. More importantly, too much exposure to UV rays can cause painful sunburn, heat stroke, skin cancer and eye diseases. 

Beat the heat this summer with our 10 ways to keep your child cool during the hot and humid months. 

10 ways to keep your child cool this summer

  1. Keep your child hydrated 

Children can become dehydrated quickly during hot weather because they are sweating more. You can encourage your child to drink more by:

  • Setting regular water breaks. It’s easy for children to lose track of time when they are busy playing in the sun. Ask your child to drink a glass of water before physical activities and at regular 30-minute intervals.
  • Providing water-rich snacks such as watermelon, orange slices and grapes. Ice lollies made from fruit juices are another hydrating and tasty snack. 
  • Avoiding sugary drinks that can lead to health issues such as diabetes and poor dental health and offering water, squash and fruit juices instead.

Watch out for signs of increased fatigue, darker than usual urine and sleeping more than usual. These symptoms could indicate that your child is dehydrated. 

      2. Serve light meals 

Both children and adults will feel hotter from eating large meals as your body takes more effort to eat and digest them. During the summer months prepare light meals such as salads and fresh fruit to keep your little ones satisfied and cool. 

      3. Set up a water play area 

One of the best ways to stay cool is to play with water. Paddling pools are great but there are so many other things you can do with water to have fun and provide relief from the heat. 

      4. Dress children appropriately 

Clothes made from cotton allow your children’s bodies to breathe. Make sure their clothes are also loose-fitting so air can flow around their body. Avoid dark clothes that absorb the light from the sun and instead choose light-coloured garments from their wardrobe. 

If your children are just playing at home in the garden then let them wear only underwear or a nappy so they don’t overheat in clothes. Don’t forget a sun hat to prevent sunburnt scalps and heat stroke. 

      5. Enjoy a cool bath before bedtime

Just like a hot bath in the winter can warm you up, a cool bath in the summer can help to lower your body temperature. It’s important not to make the bath too cold though, as your body will try and combat the extreme cold by shivering which increases your body temperature. 

Making your child’s hair damp with cool water will also help them stay cool in bed. If your child refuses to take a bath when it’s hot, give them a sponge bath instead. 

      6. Stay in the shade 

Parasols and umbrellas are perfect for creating small, shaded spots in your garden. You can easily move them to another area if your child wants to play in a different spot. To encourage your children to stay in the shade, set up a table with craft activities to keep them entertained and give them a break from the sun. Playhouses and tents are alternative ways to provide shade for your little ones when it’s too hot to be in direct sunlight. 

      7. Use fans

Keeping a fan in your child’s bedroom will help to maintain a cool environment and decrease humidity. Tower fans are considered child-safe because the blades are hidden in the tower so a child’s fingers can’t be exposed to them. If you have a baby or small child that is unsettled by the heat, you may find that the soothing white noise from the fan helps them to settle and fall asleep. 

You can even buy battery-operated fans that attach to your child’s pushchair or stroller to keep them cool while out on your daily walk or trip to the shops. 

      8. Play with ice

Ice provides a great sensory experience for children and it helps cool them down in high temperatures. There are so many ways to have fun with ice. Here are a few to try during the next heatwave. 

  • Ice cube painting – simply fill your ice cube trays with water and food colouring and freeze. Once frozen use the coloured ice cubes to paint on paper. 
  • Make edible sensory ice cubes – choose a selection of edible materials such as fruit, herbs or food flavourings. Add them to the ice cube tray along with some water and freeze. Children will love experiencing the different tastes, scents and textures and cooling down at the same time. 
  • Play with colourful ice building blocks – make some rainbow ice cubes using water and food colouring. You can either use an ice cube tray or old yoghurt pots. Once frozen, your little ones can stack them, make buildings from them or enjoy sliding them around a tray. 
  • Spark your child’s imagination by setting up Arctic and Antarctic worlds using ice cubes and toy animals. This is a great way to teach children about different continents and the ice will provide relief from hot temperatures. 

      9. Refrigerate your child’s moisturiser

If your child uses skin products, keep them in the fridge and apply them after they come out of the sun for the day. Your child will love the hydrating and refreshing sensation on their skin. 

      10. Close blinds and curtains

On a nice sunny day it can be tempting to open the curtains and windows, however keeping them closed will help keep the heat of the sun out of each room in your house. Another way to keep your home cool in the summer is by investing in energy-efficient windows that keep the sun’s heat outside. 

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