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Kids-Time is a family run business that provides child care services tailored to the needs of yourself and your child. have been providing high-quality services since 2000 and our team has a vast amount of experience in the Early Years sector.

We endeavour to provide a fun and loving environment for children to explore and develop in a safe and secure way. All staff members receive Paediatric First Aid training which is renewed every three years to ensure the safety of all.

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  • Rossario C
    Trustworthy, reliable, fun, exciting, fantastically managed nursery for their child. At Kids Time, they make it work for the little one and for the parents. They have a massive play area surrounding the building also a sensory room, their own massive kitchen where their lovely Chefs cook homemade fresh food for the children. Through the day the kids do many activities, for instance, my son made his own massive blue ball of playdough the other day he was thrilled also story time, 1 on 1 teaching the children the necessary for their age group, for example, my son is learning how to spell his name and write it. I could go on forever. All in all 100 out of 10 the whole team put their all into Kids Time it truly is like a little Family. Every day, without fail, once we walk through them gates all we receive is good vibes, happy people and smiles naturally greeting you. I really could not ask for more, I trust the team wholeheartedly to leave my son in their care.
    Rossario C
  • Laura P
    My little one goes to the Benchill Kids Time Nursery. They haven't been open long but are really working hard to make a great success of the place. This is a specially built nursery that was recently acquired by Kids Time. It is safe and secure and the staff are really friendly. The work hard at identifying what makes your child happy and really bring the best out of them. There is a good vibe amongst staff and children which count for a lot in my opinion as other settings don't have this feel. I would recommend going for a show around if you are looking to place your child in this nursery. Kids Time are going from strength to strength and can only get better.
    Laura P
  • Monique S
    My little boy has attended this nursery since he was ‘Iyears old, he is now 4. He is growing into a lovely, kind, well mannered little boy thanks to Kids Time. He attends full time and each day is different. He comes home with a different story to tell me, new words, learning his numbers, name, alphabet, activities and with full of excitement. Kids Time is a friendly, family atmosphere, the staff are approachable, even down to the owners of the nursery. My little boy was a shy, quiet child when he started. The staff have brought his personality out specially in front of people/children. He's not afraid to speak up, be loud etc. I will truly be sad to see him leave when he starts school in September, but I can say confidently Kids Timehave got him ready to start school.
    Monique S
  • Mike Kane MP
    I recently visited Kids Around the Clock at Woodhouse Park for "world school milk day". It was great to see how KATC are helping contribute towards healthy lifestyle by promoting the importance of milk in their nurseries. KATC also deliver the brush bus scheme, promoting a healthy smile and encouraging children and the community to look after their teeth and eat responsibly. With over 1/3 of children under 5 in Manchester suffering from dental tooth decay this is vital work. I was really impressed with the work that KATC are doing to promote Health and Well Being not just by providing a healthy, nutritionally balanced and culturally diverse menu, but also by promoting physical activity through their work with City in the Community Programme. I very much enjoyed my visit to KATC's Woodhouse Park. It was particularly nice to see  how engaged the children were and how passionate the staff are at delivering a quality service to the community
    Mike Kane MP
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