Kids Around the Clock in Chadderton is ideally situated on Main Road

Kids Around the Clock in Chadderton is ideally situated on Main Road- a stones throw away from the Head Quarters Barber shop where many of our children have their wonderful trendy hairstyles.
Across the road we have Revival Beauty and running alongside the nursery Prospect Road which is a key road to lead to our local residential home and mosque.
Stroll 10 minutes across Featherstall road and we have Tesco, B & Ms and Aldi if we need anything for spontaneous baking activities or even just a stroll to look at environmental print, they are on our doorstep!
The main mosque is an absolute eye catchingly beautiful building which can be seen from afar, it is the main place of prayer for many of our daddies, uncles and grand fathers.
The Millenium centre is a community hub of classes and support to help families from the Chadderton and Werneth districts.
Just a short walk from main road leads you to Middleton Road where there are so many different shops we are spolit for choice when we have a community walk.
If we wish to experience travel and transport the tram link to take us to Oldham centre is a short stroll away, accessible by traffic lights to help road safety
Asda Chadderton is about 15 inutes away with the leisure centre, and we are super lucky to have the library attached too, who welcome us with big smiles as we walk through the doors!
 The key to this weeks blog…. step outside and look at how lucky we are to have such a treasure of community links, buildings and companies.- these are such rich learning experiences, it doesn’t get better!!

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