The Benefits of Sign Language for Toddlers

If you’ve ever had to deal with a frustrated little human (and we’re going to assume that’s a distinct possibility!) you might be interested to learn about the benefits of sign language for toddlers.
Did you know that babies know what they want from just six months old? The problem is, of course, they just don’t know how to ask for it in a manner that we as adults can understand. And this is where toddler sign language can really help
Sign language for children is something that might fly under the radar in terms of development but here at KATC we really do believe in its ability to help younger children who have not yet learned to speak communicate their very real wants and needs
And let’s face it. When baby is happy and content, we’re all much more likely to be happy and content!

Helps your toddler communicate better
It’s unlikely that any of us truly remember what it was like to scream and cry until we got what we wanted, whether it was milk or a cuddle. But that’s not to say we can’t empathise with babies and toddlers who can’t quite get the message across just yet.
After all, we all know what it’s like, even as adults, to struggle to say what we really want to say!
Toddler sign language gives children that can’t yet verbalise their needs the power to tell the adults in their lives what it is that they mean.

Assists in language development
When little ones learn sign language at a young age it can help with their speech development. In fact, many children and babies who learn toddler sign language grow into early talkers thanks to the fact that they’re starting to use both speech and sign simultaneously.
Learning sign language at an early age can also help with language development, giving your child the tools, they need to learn a wider vocabulary earlier.

Improves communication with peers
It’s hard to make friends if you can’t communicate with them in some shape or form. That’s why sign language for toddlers is hugely beneficial in helping children communicate with their peers at an early age.
Picture a nursery and you’ll likely have an image of children playing alongside one another but not necessarily communicating. Add toddler sign language into the mix and the children that are able to use it are immediately going to start communicating with their friends.

Reduces toddler frustration
Imagine if you weren’t able to say what it is you need or want. It’s quite scary, isn’t it?
Toddler sign language reduces, and can even eliminate, this fear in your child by giving them the ability to say what it is they actually want – without having to resort to tears, wailing or full blown temper tantrums.

Teaches children about a more inclusive society
Some children have speech delays, some people – both adults and children – are non-verbal, some are deaf. There are a myriad of reasons why learning sign language for toddlers is beneficial.
It can teach children to embrace differences and to acknowledge that not everyone in the world is exactly the same.
It’s about teaching inclusivity. It’s about helping your child go out into the world and to be able to communicate with everyone.

And finally, it’s fun!
Learning toddler sign language helps children engage with their nursery mates and learn something useful. And, most importantly, it’s fun!
As humans we love to absorb new information – and we are also programmed to enjoy ourselves.
And even if they can’t quite get their message across verbally, your child is exactly the same. Baby sign language classes are about learning, but they’re also about enjoying the experience.
After all, absorbing and retaining information is much easier when we’re having a nice time!

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